Books That Inspire Others Through Immersive Discussions on Special Needs

Military Tech

Big ships, big planes, big guns! All the military hardware and gear that kids want to know about are here in the Bolt set “Military Tech”! Younger readers can learn about everything from massive aircraft carriers to stealthy submarines to body armor and night-vision goggles. Follow along with brave military dogs and look in at drones that spy from above. The amazing pictures alone in these books tell the story, but there is plenty of easy-to-read text to capture the ...

Laugh Out Loud Joke Books

Just for Laughs Along with fun facts and hilarious graphics, Just for Laughs shares some of the best jokes and twisters about everything from parents to pets. Get ready to twist your tongue, tease your brain, and laugh out loud. With prompts to make original jokes, the series will have readers laughing and asking for more.

Elite Warriors Series

Learn about top secret operations and dangerous missions with this series. Each book includes the high-tech gear soldiers use, steps to becoming an elite warrior, and infographics to tell stories of courage, intellect, and technology! Age Range: 9 – 12 yearsGrade Level: 4 – 7Lexile Measure: 520 (What’s this?)Series: Elite WarriorsPaperback: 32 pagesPublisher: Bolt (August 1, 2018)

The Complete Guide to the Titanic

WHAT LED TO THE FAMOUS DISASTER? HOW MANY PASSENGERS SURVIVED? WHAT DOES TITANIC LOOK LIKE NOW? See Titanic’s construction, meet the passengers and crew that were on board, and discover the deep watery home of the shipwreck, more than two miles below the ocean’s surface. Gr 1 – 3ISBN-13: 9781435161689Publisher: Sandy CreekPublication date: 10/05/2015Pages: 144