Creating Content for
Diverse Learners

Writing to inspire curiosity, inclusion and a love of learning. 


Author, Speaker, Educator

I am Julia Garstecki, author of more than 70 fiction and nonfiction books for diverse learners and dozens of articles for parents of children with special needs. I utilize my teaching, special education, and parenting experience to create content for teachers, students, and parents..  If you are looking for an experienced author to create content, or a speaker to discuss raising children with special needs and/or special education topics, contact me today. I live in Buffalo, NY, but love to travel!


An Experienced Teacher

In addition to being an author, I have been a teacher for almost thirty years. My teaching experience includes elementary and middle schools, as well as college instruction. I conduct school visits to talk about my writing strategies as well as the content that appears in my books. I am also happy to discuss how to become a freelance author and make a nice side income!


Speaking Engagements for Conferences and Workshops

I am dedicated to helping parents navigate the special education system, and enjoy talking with fellow teachers about special education within the classroom. My unique perspective as a teacher and parent with a child with disabilities allows me to create a holistic view of special education.


Contact Me Today

I would be honored to speak with faculty or community group. I create programs based on need and will work with you to make sure my presentation meets your specific needs.