Books That Inspire Others Through Immersive Discussions on Special Needs

The Atlas of Texas

The first two units cover political Texas, physical Texas, geographic diversity, and natural features. The subsequent nine units cover Texas history from first inhabitants to modern Texas. Features: A "Using This Atlas" introductionCaptioned, full-color maps and images labeled "A-B-C-D" that guide readers logically from idea to idea"Did you know" call-outs that introduce historical factsThree two-page spreads featuring notable TexansPhysical and political maps of the world, the United States, and Texas Correlated to TEKS standards. Julia also creates teacher resources for ...

Nystrom Young Citizens

Julia creates multi-modal curriculum and has experience creating teacher guides, student books, activity cards, and student handouts.

Go Birding from Capstone

What was that sound coming from the trees? Could it be a robin, a blue jay, or even a woodpecker? Readers will sharpen their observation skills and learn how to attract and tell the difference between many types of birds.

All-American Fighting Forces

With primary source photos, infographics, timelines, and easy-to-read text, Bolts All-American Fighting Forces series reveals the little-known history of men and women who acted heroically for their country even as they faced hardship and discrimination. Each nonfiction book focuses on a particular fighting force that represents Americas diverse society and history. Helpful glossaries and indexes in each volume direct readers to the most important terms and topics. The books in the BOLT 1 series feature high-interest topics that students with ...