What’s next?

What’s Next?

One thing authors get asked a lot is “What are you working on next?” I’m jealous of authors that have answers to that. As a work-for-hire author I don’t always know! Sometimes, it’s difficult to find work. Other times, I’m flooded (happily) with assignments. I might be working on a textbook, comic book, or instructional reader. It can be about space, or the pancreas, or the Buffalo Soldiers.

Currently I’m in a dry period (fingers crossed it doesn’t last!) but rather than wait for projects I’m working on a few books to pitch to agents or publishers. Both are inspired by my late father. Not only does it help me move forward with my writing career while in a dry WFH spell, but it is helping me process his death. That is one reason I love writing-to make sense of things.

So, while I might not have any deadlines, I’m still plugging away, hoping to have some announcements soon!

Julia Garstecki

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