The Release of Pick, Spit & Scratch

My first book is out in the universe and available at Amazon! Fingers crossed it will be sold in stores as well. I’m still learning how and why some places sell books and others don’t.

I’ve had other books published, but this is the first book I pitched and developed. My editor at Quarto, Dennis, was fantastic to work with. He understood my sense of humor, and our emails were always amusing. Just the subject lines alone had me giggling.

Pick, Spit, Scratch - Disgusting Habits Series Book 1

Once I saw this cover, I fell in love with the book all over again!

“Did you get my pinworms?”

“Is there too much farting?”

While I’ve happily written dozens of books for classrooms, mostly published with Black Rabbit Books, this one feels different. It feels so much like me. Which is a little scary, and brings back memories of junior high.

What if no one likes it?

What if no one thinks I’m funny?

Will my mom like it?

When I first pitched the idea to Dennis, I envisioned a sciencey book with photographs and facts, similar to the Guinness Books my kids bring home all the time. When he suggested it be illustrated, I was disappointed. But I so wanted to write the book. He talked me through what it could be like, and once he secured the amazing Chris Monroe as the illustrator, my excitement was back. Dennis was right!

When I saw the illustrations mixed with my text, I was downright giddy! Coming up with subtitles and new text was by far the most fun I have had in my writing career. The cherry on the cake was when Dennis asked about a sequel.

Wouldn’t you know my dog was eating her barf at that exact moment? I mentioned that to Dennis, and another series of hilarious emails followed. As much fun as Pick, Spit & Scratch was, creating Sniff, Lick & Scratch was even more better! I so hope everyone enjoys both books. And I hope readers learn a little as well! If you have yet to buy a copy, don’t delay!

Julia Garstecki

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