Have Them Shake Their Groove Thing!

Looking for some time to spring clean without the kids underfoot? One reason I stopped thoroughly cleaning my house is because I noticed the more I cleaned, the more I had to clean. It left me feeling exhausted, frustrated, and I freaked out whenever the kids wanted to play with their toys! So, I stopped trying. Which wasn’t hard, because I have never been a neat freak.  I am at peace with “good enough” being, well, good enough.

Recently I started cleaning the kid’s closets, hoping to make a little extra cash from a local consignment store. My youngest kept trying to “help”, which as you know, means I was getting nothing done. I took my little peanuts to the library to pick out DVDs. My kids are not fans of sitting and watching television, so I picked out dance instruction videos and exercise videos. When we got home, I popped them in and we started getting our groove thing on! Once they were having a blast and laughing, I snuck away to dig through a closet. I could hear them laughing and bouncing around, while I sorted through clothes and mope over how big they’ve gotten. The bonus was that throughout the week I enjoyed doing the videos with my kids as well. We had some laughs, got some exercise, and I made enough money from the consignment store to splurge on dinner out with friends and have change left over.

So, hit the library, find some videos to hip-hop your way to a firmer core, and watch your kids have fun so you can accomplish something!


Julia Garstecki

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