I Love Author Visits!

Most authors agree one of the best parts of our job is visiting with readers. I’ll admit I get butterflies before every event. I was terrified for weeks leading up to my first author visit. That morning I was truly freaking out. Will anyone show?

Will I be able to speak clearly?

Will I remember everything I want to say?

What activities should we do?

Once an event starts, however, I remember how much fun it is. It isn’t about the book sales (though that’s always nice!). It’s about the laughter, the curiosity, and the connection I make with readers. And, I always leave feeling inspired to start the next project so I can come back to see readers again. Kids are always growing as readers, and I’m always growing as a writer. Since then I’ve gone to schools, independent book stores, and even events at Barnes and Noble.   I’d love to learn what you like to hear authors talk about at author visits, as well as what you like to do at them! Drop me a line at julia@juliagarstecki.com.

Julia Garstecki

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