Gotta Problem Pooper? Musical chairs and sticker charts are no match for ABA therapy!

Potty training stinks. Both literally and figuratively.

Some moms race to be the first in their playgroup to get their kid toilet trained. Well meaning relatives may try to get the ball rolling.  But sometimes, there are other priorities, like hearing your three year old say ‘ hi mommy’ or, perhaps, walking.

When my son did show signs of being ready to hose down my bathroom with pee, we fell into the trap of buying one of those little plastic light up musical pots. My husband and I had more fun with it than he did. My guy never did take to that singing, dancing potty, and as my friends gave me tips and suggestions (because their kids were toilet trained within five minutes), I kept from rolling my eyes and tried their secrets.

For some kids, toilet training is a matter of pull down your pants, sit on the pot until the tinkle comes out, and put a sticker on the chart. A new friend of mine, Bonah Kono, reminded me that for some kids, toilet training is a series of numerous steps that need to be taught. While working with her son, she’s learned to be patient, as well as celebrate each step along the way. Cheers to moms like Bonah, who reminded me to relax and see the big picture!

Have a child who is a problem pooper?

Does he hate the feeling of having his feet off the ground?

Does she have low muscle tone in her abdomen?

Not all of our kids are going to toilet train in a week, no matter what some programs may claim! Read my article about toilet training children with special needs from the spring edition of Thrive Magazine, it just might save your sanity!


And, if you need a good laugh (or cry) about toilet training your child with a special need, click over to my recommended reads and order Kim Stagliano’s All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa. It’s a great read!

Julia Garstecki

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