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Now that we have relocated, adjusted to new schools and new stores, figured out how to live in a Covid world, and have made some friends, it’s time I get my writing career back on track! I’ve been lucky enough to write for amazing publishers in the education market, but I need to expand! I’m excited to learn about ghostwriting, as well as get back into writing articles for parents who are navigating the special education system. And on that note…..

Raising a child with a special need during Covid has been pretty challenging, as we struggled to understand modifications and plan alternate assignments. I’m not sure what the 2020-2021 school year will bring, but at least now we have a plan for any circumstance. Have you spoken with your child’s special education team yet? If not, make sure to do that as soon as possible! Teachers are required to read the IEP prior to the start of the school year, so now is a good time to review, discuss, and develop plans A, B, & C! Don’t wait until the week before school starts, however that may look! Here is what we are considering….

If online learning, A will alternate courses each day, so rather than take six classes each day he might do three, and do three very well. Whichever three subjects we don’t tackle first will be saved for another time that fits our schedule. Also, his special ed teacher will g-chat daily so he can see her!

If hybrid, we’ll tweak the schedule again. Those classes that are better suited to visual learning, such as geometry and science, will be done on property, while English and social studies can be online.

If on property, we’ll keep the supports we had last year, encouraging his organization skills so if school ends early we can easily maintain the assignments. Last year there were lots of tears over lost assignments-we don’t want that again!

Please reach out with your tips and suggestions for special education during Covid!

Julia Garstecki

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