Birthday Parties And a Child With Special Needs

Birthday parties can be a bit tricky if your child has special needs. You may worry your child will have melt downs, not participate, or not have any friends show up. With careful planning and realistic expectations, however, a great time can be had by all. Here are a few tips if you are hosting a party!

Let your child guide the planning. If they do not like chaos on a daily basis, a party with tons of kids amped up on cake and ice-cream will probably not be a good choice. Better to invite one or two well known kids and keep it simple. A cake and some simple decorations can make the event special.

Consider inviting a small group to a sporting event or favorite place, but make sure your child is comfortable and happy with the selection. Ideally, it would be a place you’ve visited before.

If you are inviting an entire class, consider what activities would be appropriate for all invited. Contact parents ahead of time if they haven’t responded to the invitation so you know what to expect.

Be realistic about the time frame! It doesn’t have to last three hours!

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Julia Garstecki

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