Author – Speaker – Award winning teacher

Parent, teacher, writer

Parent, teacher, writer

All children can get excited about reading and writing, but some of them don’t. And that’s my passion. My experience as an author, advocate, and special education teacher can help reluctant readers and writers achieve success. More importantly, they find out they can love the process!

Twenty years of teaching make me an excellent resource for your publishing needs. 

For students:

I write nonfiction pieces for primary and intermediate readers.  Nearly twenty years of teaching experience is evident in the engaging, informative pieces I create.

For parents and teachers:

My completed works include articles about improving parent-teacher relationships, toilet training, sibling rivalry, and exploring educational pathways. I am focused on improving the communication between teachers and parents, as well as within the therapy team.

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As an author, special educator, and parent of a child with special needs, I speak from varied perspectives.

My have taught elementary, middle, and college students in general education classrooms, special education classrooms, and in reading workshops.  I have many engaging programs to choose from. Teachers appreciate my ability to support student learning outcomes and my ability to adapt programs for diverse students.

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Areas of expertise: Common core, Elementary education, special education instruction, Apraxia, Autism, Intellectual disabilities, parenting siblings of different cognitive development, special education mumbo jumbo. Definitely not laundry.

Contact me:

If your client needs a writer that thinks like a teacher for a series or project, I can help you. Or, if your school community can benefit from a parent/teacher who also has endured IEPs, survived documentation overflow, and made the tough decisions from both perspectives, email me at

“The disability is not the problem. The accessibility is the problem.” -Mohhamed Jemni

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